With great sadness members of the Hancock Rotary Club were informed of the sudden passing of Club Past President Bob Sceles. Bob and his wife Ellen, also a Past President, were at their summer home in Nova Scotia when Bob suffered a heart attack and passed away on Friday July 26, 2013....more





Although Rotary membership came late in life to Bob and Ellen, as they were already retired when asked to join the Hancock Club, they embraced Rotary and became very active in Club, District,  and community affairs. Both attended the full three years of the Rotary Leadership Institute, went to PETS, and traveled to many District assemblies, membership seminars, District conferences, and Foundation Dinners. Bob always stood out when he wore his kilt to these events.

On the local scene Bob and Ellen were very active helping with fund raising. At chicken BBQs Bob usually put on a chicken hat and stood in the street waving cars over to our chicken booth. (We are searching for a picture of this). Last summer Bob and Ellen sat in the local Subway shop for about a month selling Subway discount cards for the Hancock Rotary Club. They are and were that dedicated.

Bob Sceles will be very much missed by his family and all of his friends. He was a good man.